Take Note: Clapton still doing it the same way

As a solo artist, Eric Clapton has always been more reliable than thrilling.

With the backing of his Cream chums and John Mayall, he became electric buzzed with infectious energy.

But on his own, even exploring everything from New Orleans jazz to reggae, he’s done so with a casualness that never seems to break free from blues rock.

I Still Do is Clapton’s first album to feature his own new material since the 2013 release Old Sock. His 23rd studio album will likely be no different to what has come before, which shouldn’t be a problem for most longtime fans.

After all, they’ve embraced this kind of thing – a collection of new tunes and covers – plenty of times before.

There are a couple of exciting touches worth pointing out, though.

He’s reunited with producer Glyn Johns and there’s a guest appearance by a musician called Angelo Mysterioso, who may or may not be the late George Harrison, as he’s used this name before..

Clapton sticks to what he knows and what he’s good at. Why change a habit of a lifetime?