T was a terrible experience

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

At the grand age of 55, I finally went to my very first outdoor music festival.

Well, not technically I suppose. I was only picking up my son Gary at T in the Park but the experiences were very similar to that of a camper.

My volunteering to collect him and his friends resulted in me wandering around in the dark, feelings of despair and I even had to use a Portaloo.

It was an absolute nightmare.

When Gary asked if I could collect his friends from the new campsite at Strathallan, I did a quick Google and found out it was only 50 minutes away so I agreed.

We decided a time and place to collect the trio of happy campers from and I set off in plenty of time to get there on Sunday evening.

However, thousands of other parents were also descending upon the narrow country lanes to collect their offspring, which coupled with lots of mud, festival-goers walking aimlessly and drunk people lying on the roads meant the journey was nothing short of hellish.

The road, which probably sees only a few cars a day on a normal day, was not designed to have two streams of vehicles and lots of people walking on it too and meant the place was grid locked.

The gate I arranged to get the boys at was closed and, of course, none of them had a mobile phone with battery to try to rearrange the meeting.

Eventually I got a call from a random number, some kind soul had allowed them to borrow their phone, and we arranged a new pick up point.

But again I had to trawl through thousands of young people and what seemed like thousands of cars to get there, eventually reaching the now very weary trio at 2am, two hours later than planned.

After more traffic, dodging drunk people and tears, from me, we got back to Falkirk at 5am.

So my journey that should have been a two hour round trip, took six hours.

And I got a whole hour of sleep before I had to get up for work on Monday.

At least the boys were appreciative - they had a huge bouquet of flowers waiting for me coming home .

Come on T in the Park bosses, move the site back to Balado. It was much easier for access

And using a Portaloo which has been in use all weekend is an experience I never, ever, wish to repeat.