Switching to water to help charity - and me

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone
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After a whole weekend of celebrating, I feel about as round an Easter egg.

I, like most people, overindulged at the holiday and ate more chocolates than I’d care to admit and consumed a lot of red wine. Well, wasn’t that Jesus’s favourite tipple? It seemed fitting.

But after a weekend of excess, comes the guilt and I’ve decided to cut back on the treats. My summer holiday is looming and despite doing my pole fitness classes, I’m still more fluffy than fit.

So I’ve decided to take part in the Royal National Lifeboat Institute’s H2Only campaign.

It means having nothing but water for two weeks, so no beloved mocha-lattes from a well-known coffee chain on my way to work, no Merlot and no fizzy juice from the vending machine to get through the mid-morning slump.

I don’t drink nearly enough water, so hopefully taking part will be a health boost and my purse will benefit too - I totted up how much I spend on drinks in a week and to be honest it shocked me.

All those over-priced lattes and wines certainly add up and I think I’ll be £60 better off by just sticking to H2O for a fortnight. Or, in this case, the charity will be £60 better off, as the campaign asks you to donate what you would have spent on drinks.

Hopefully the scheme will encourage me to keep up the water drinking and my purse will benefit in the long term. It seems like every week I’m left with less and less.

I’m the first to admit, I’m not very good with money and I never have been. I was the wee girl that squandered her pocket money three hours after receiving it and even my first proper wage at 15 was spent irresponsibly.

My mother encouraged me to buy a keepsake necklace or bag with it, instead I went to Sleeves and bought a ‘Josie and the Pussycats’ album and a ridiculously short skirt from Chelsea girl my mother refused to let me leave the house in.

Forty years later, I’m no better and still let the money flitter though my fingers.