Swapped party for sofa

Deborah Punshon
Deborah Punshon

I hear the work Christmas party went down a storm on Friday night.

The Falkirk Herald lot celebrated at the Leapark Hotel in Grangemouth, but my party dress - and I - stayed home.

My little girl suffered her 20th illness of the year with an ear infection that left her screaming in pain on the sofa as I was supposed to be getting ready for the Crimbo party night.

The same afflicted lug also put paid to my night out on Saturday night, too.

It did, however, give me a opportunity to shamelessly watch a lot of weekend TV.

I caught the last ‘Sherlock’ episode, featuring the exquisite Benedict Cumberbatch, and got a much-needed preview of the new series starting on New Year’s Day.

Ten minutes later, my dad was on the phone, asking again if I knew how the super sleuth managed to fake his own death.

I do, sort of, but I’m keeping it to myself.

Saturday night’s entertainment was the Nicole Scherzinger show, also known as ‘X-Factor’.

I don’t mind the girl, really, but that show needs more of a shake up than just an outspoken American.

By Sunday morning, my daughter’s infection had all but gone thanks to three daily doses of amoxicillin, Calpol when required and ‘Noddy’ episodes on repeat.

It meant she was well enough for her Nativity performance at nursery on Monday.

Cast as the star, she really was one.

I’m not sure where her singing ability comes from - not her mother anyway!

Perhaps she’ll be on ‘X-Factor’ in 20 years’ time, walking onto the stage to ‘O’Fortuna’ and being called ‘sch-amazing’.

Think I’ll keep my fingers crossed for another starring role in future nativities instead.