Surprise gift cost more than I’d bargained for

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Grandparents are supposed to spoil their grandchildren aren’t they?

I love picking up little bits and pieces for Jack and Sophie whenever I am in town - there’s always a bargain to be found.

Sometimes I save the things for birthdays and Christmas, but other times it’s nice to just give them a wee treat.

However, this came back to bite me last week when mum and I popped up to The Falkirk Wheel for a visit. She’s always saying how she’d love to go on it but never had so eventually I couldn’t stand any more moaning and off we went.

We had a really nice trip on the Wheel – it was lovely and relaxing, and I actually learned quite a lot about the canal too so I was glad I’d given into the nagging!

We had a coffee and a scone afterwards before going for a wander around the gift shop. I came across a pack of ‘Bouncing Putty’ which sounded right up Jack’s street.

And sure enough, when I gave him it, he absolutely loved it and played with it for hours, bouncing it around the house, and even taking it to his bed with him. (Jack has a terrible habit of taking his prized possessions to bed - these have included in the past wellington boots, a toy lighthouse and a framed photo of his nursery class!)

However, the next morning, Emma wasn’t quite so happy when she discovered the bouncing putty mushed into her stair carpet, and into the couch, and Jack’s bed cover - leaving behind a sticky red stain.

A quick Google found that many other parents had been faced with a similar problem and there were a whole host of potential solutions - from WD40 to vinegar or facial toner!

A combination of all three and a bit of elbow grease finally got rid of the marks on the carpet and couch but the bed cover is still stained! The remainder of the much-loved gunge was quickly disposed of - and I’ve been warned to stick to less messy presents in the future.

Hopefully I’ll soon be able to make it up to Emma with a trip to Nando’s, which is soon to open at Central Retail Park. She absolutely loves that place, and I’m quite partial to a plate of peri peri chicken myself. Planning permission was granted back in May, and the company’s Facebook page says the Falkirk restaurant is ‘coming soon.’

I wonder if I could perhaps carry out my first restaurant review, all in aid of work of course!