Summer being spoiled for us

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

The Braes area is such a beautiful place to stay.

I’m a lucky girl because my bedroom windows look out onto masses of farmland that are always filled either with cows or sheep, and, at night, at the top of the hill where I live, if it’s not cloudy, you can see for miles - right over Falkirk, out beyond the Firth of Forth, all the way to Stirling and then the hills in the distance. I live in such a lovely little place.

Just a shame that recently it’s smelt like a wet nappy.

Of course, living next to fields, the odd smell of manure lurks to and fro, but after living here for 15 years, I’ve gotten used to the smell.

However, for the past week, most of the area where I live has absolutely reeked of human waste. I have no idea where it’s coming from, or who has either been disposing of it or spreading it on their fields, but honestly, it’s starting to give not only me, but all of the residents around here, the absolute boak.

I have seen countless tweets and Facebook pieces from people expressing their absolute disgust at this, and because I am not much of a tweeter, nor someone who posts frequently on Facebook, I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s column to expressing just how appalled I am that this smell has stuck around for so long.

I am no farmer, nor am I an expert in waste disposal, but surely there is no need for this vileness? It can’t be good for the environment, and it’s certainly not good for residents. The weather’s been relatively nice lately, and I’m finding it difficult to even sit in my own back garden without feeling that the air has been absolutely polluted with this ridiculously vulgar smell. It’s an absolute disgrace that people and the environment should have to put up with this and, frankly, something needs to be done, fast.

I find it such a shame that such a gorgeous place has been ruined for the past week with this grotesque feature.

This smell better go away as quickly as it arrived, or I’m sure there will be many, including me, making complaints to the authorities.