Success breeds success for company

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The last week in March was more than just a little busy for the officers and boys of 1st Grangemouth (Abbotsgrange Church). At Falkirk Town Hall their skipper, Dave Wilson, along with young officer Mitchell Drummond, received Falkirk Council Sports and Civic Awards on behalf of the company, the achievement award for table tennis in 2016 and the club/ team award for its long time achievements in national and battalion table tennis. Table tennis trainer Willie Ballantine also received an award for his many years of service.

The team travelled to Liverpool for the BB national table tennis finals the next day. In the two qualifying rounds they beat Durham and Colraine both by the margin of 5-4 and defeating Newport 5-0 in the semi-final set things up for a final against Durham. Unfortunately Durham managed to narrowly reverse the earlier result in winning 5-4 but all credit to the Grangemouth lads who continued in the vein of achievement as has become traditional in the company.

Immediately prior, the same boys along with other members of their drill squad had competed in the battalion competition where, again, they were second – by only one point – to 2nd Larbert (Old Church) who retained the trophy.

The judges Charles Clason and Walter Williamson spoke of a very high standard and were impressed by young drill officer Mitchell Drummond who as well as commanding a well disciplined squad had also to be skilled and quick thinking enough to adapt to the circumstances presented on the night and to the unaccustomed hall. Congratulations to 2nd Larbert who illustrate my contention that such discipline is reflected in success in most other events tackled by such teams. To encourage other less confident officers and companies to aspire to such standards it is hoped to run a drill officers’ course during next session.