Struggling to get to grips with New Year

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I’ve always had a problem with New Year.

I enjoy a party as much as the next man but when it’s built up as much as Hogmanay is, then it’s almost guaranteed to disappoint.

While I’ve had some enjoyable times welcoming the bells with family and friends, there’s only been a handful of occasions when it’s been truly memorable (and a couple of them date back to my teenage years).

And then there’s the whole process of wishing people a happy New Year.

Sure, at midnight, I’ll go round the room and greet everyone and, if we’re meeting up with family and friends on January 1, then I would expect similar pleasantries to be exchanged.

But what about people you pass on the street. I’m sure that, in years gone by, it was customary of pass on the compliments of the season but these days you’re lucky if you get a grunted ‘good morning’.

Then you have the days and weeks immediately after. Just when do you stop wishing people a happy New Year? January 2, 3, 4, 5 ... ?

And how do you do it? A kiss? One or two? A shake of the hand? Just a nod and a slightly awkward silence?

Maybe next year I’ll just go to bed!

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