Striving for balance ...

James Trimble.
James Trimble.
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I wrote a story last week that seems to have upset some people.

When I accepted an invitation from Tom Gleeson to visit the Oran Environmental Solutions’ recycling facility in Grangemouth I was just doing my job, but it certainly stirred up some friendly neighbourhood Facebookers.

Like all the reporters at The Falkirk Herald, I strive to maintain balance in my stories.

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If person ‘A’ says something about person ‘B”, I will always try to get both sides of the story from ‘A’ and ‘B’.

And if person ‘C’ pops up in the process, I will try and get their point of view in as well.

There’s at least two sides to every story and I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t accept Oran’s invitation, see their facility for myself and hear what Mr Gleeson had to 

This invitation extends to residents too by the way, and I hope they take the opportunity to see the plant for themselves so they can have an informed opinion about it.

I saw the power tools and shopping basket in the skips and heard about the inappropriate items people, like myself, put in their blue bins. It certainly made me think more carefully about the things I jam in the bin.

I’ve already covered numerous stories about the fly problem plaguing residents, culminating in myself and photographer Lisa McPhillips heading down to the demo outside Oran and getting soaked alongside protesters in an effort to publicise their heartfelt stance.

The story will no doubt continue to run and run and, as always, I’ll be looking to establish the facts and report the situation as I see it.