Stress free for a few days yet

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace
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Some of you will know that, due to my constant studying, for a while I became a little bit of an antisocial, hormonal teenager.

Most of you will have heard my constant moaning about the fact I had “no life” and nothing that resembled an Easter holiday. Almost everyone will understand, or should understand, how much stress one comes under while sitting their exams.

Well, I am pleased to announce, ladies and gentlemen, that Sophie’s exams are well and truly over, and the social, bubbly teenage girl has been restored. Last Monday, in fact, was the glory day in which I walked out of my Higher business management exam with my head held high and a goofy smile on my face because not only had I finished my exams, but was on a two-week holiday until I went back to school.

Now, a week and a half into my little break, I can honestly put my hands up and say I’ve not felt this relaxed in a long, long time. Of course, come Monday that will all change (hello, two Advanced Highers and two crash Highers), but, currently, I am trying to make the most of this absolute “nothing time”.

In all fairness, a majority of my days have been spent in school, rehearsing for this year’s show, ‘Hairspray’, and a lot of time has been spent working, but I’ve managed to fit in some well-deserved me-time too.

People underestimate just how satisfying it is to lie in bed listening to music, or on the couch watching amazingly rubbish daytime telly. The one downfall, however, of having this break, is dad still finds it acceptable to wake me at the crack-of-dawn (eight o’clock) instead of letting me sleep till 10.

I am a growing woman, father. I need my rest.

Regardless, I feel the past two weeks have really been beneficial. Not only have I been able to spend hours doing absolutely nothing, I’ve also managed to restore the ‘me’ back into me and I’d choose that over any hormonal, stressed, antisocial Sophie any day.