Strengthening all our communities

CVS Falkirk is the third sector interface for the Falkirk Council area and our role is to offer information, support and guidance to the local third sector, and in doing so, strengthen communities across the area.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 26th April 2016, 10:43 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th April 2016, 12:17 pm
CVS Falkirk is involved in many aspects of district life, including delivering health services
CVS Falkirk is involved in many aspects of district life, including delivering health services

We do this across four common service areas, our core functions: Volunteering, Organisational Support, Social Enterprise, and Voice of the Sector.

Each service has a dedicated team who work hard to support the Falkirk third sector.

Third sector interface is a relatively new term for something which has existed for a long time. Many people still know us as the volunteer centre, but the assistance we offer goes beyond volunteering and the new definition, created by the Scottish Government, reflects this.

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Often called TSIs, there are 32 similar organisations across Scotland, one for every council area.

As independent charities, the TSIs differ in each area but we all work with a common aim – to help strengthen our communities through developing the third sector.

In Falkirk, our volunteering team can help organisations to identify and develop their volunteering opportunities, as well as matching volunteers and promoting volunteering across the Falkirk area.

The organisational support team assist our third sector in identifying and applying for funding and work with them to establish good practice and governance in their organisations amongst other things.

Our social enterprise team works with and supports both start-up entrepreneurs and established social enterprises, providing a similar service to our organisation support team, but also including business planning, sales and marketing, growth and expansion advice.

The voice of the sector team provides the third sector with a strong, coherent voice through facilitating multiple forums based around local priorities, bringing members of the sector together with public sector partners, to inform and influence local decision making.

We organise events throughout the year – recently hosting our annual Funders Fayre, with support from Falkirk Council which, with 22 funders, is one of the biggest in Scotland.

In February we held our Third Sector Conference, where we had invited speakers addressing topics of interest to the third sector in Falkirk.

Response to our conference was incredibly positive and we have many ideas already for next year.

Together with all our partners in the Community Planning Partnership, we strive to help make Falkirk the best it possibly can be – we’re all here for a common purpose and are always ready and willing to help.