Stormy summer has me mixed up

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

There is that old saying – Scotland where you can experience all four seasons in one day.

Some days this week it’s been more like four seasons in one hour.

Two weeks ago I was lamenting to colleagues that I was still wearing a coat to work in late June.

Of course, two days later we experienced a mini heat wave, for a day at least. Followed by similar conditions to a tropical monsoon.

Last week I was looking after my grandchildren over night and in the early hours I thought I could hear someone dragging their wheelie bin down the road.

I leapt up and was about to shout at the idiot through the window, when the whole room lit up with the lightening strike and I realised it was a thunder storm.

Next thing Sophie appeared in my room, the poor lamb was terrified and thought the thunder was a bad wolf at her window trying to blow his way in.

The storm was like nothing I remember seeing in Scotland before. It was more like the storms we experienced when we took the kids to Florida.

This temperamental weather makes it difficult to plan days out with the kids.

I help out my daughter as much as I can during the holidays and take the kids on day trips. Last week was lovely and warm at the start of the week so I promised to take them to the zoo on my day off. Inevitably the weather was absolutely horrific and I had to break it to the kids that with the rain bouncing off the road, it was the day to see the ducks, not the monkeys.

Other days, the predicted weather hasn’t been kind so I’ve taken them swimming, only to leave and find blue skies and sunshine.

And poor Emma doesn’t know what to dress the kids in the morning. Some days she’s sent them to nursery in their shorts, only for the weather to be chilly and vice versa on the unexpectedly sunny days.

I was telling my cousin who emigrated to Australia about how temperamental the weather has been when she put thing into context.

‘Kate’ she said, ‘You live in Scotland, and have done all your life. Expect the unexpected with the weather - it’s character building after all.”

I suppose she’s right - and dealing with the weather give us Scots a great sense of humour!