Storming outfit for fancy dress party

I'll get my money's worth out of fancy dress outfit
I'll get my money's worth out of fancy dress outfit

When you hear the words “fancy dress party”, next thing you hear is a groan – your groan.

It’s so much hassle – with an added expense usually – organising an outfit for those kinds of parties and you just know you’re going to look like a right dork in whatever you choose to go as.

You even conjure up some lame and extravagant excuses not to go.

Secretly though, you’re quite excited at the prospect of dressing up as something you could never get away with on a normal day or at a normal party.

Last weekend was such an occasion for me - a 40th birthday fancy dress ‘Night at the Movies’ and I was as excited as my nine-year-old daughter on Christmas Day (also her birthday which shows just how hysterical I was) because I had bought myself a Stormtrooper outfit a few weeks before that I could hardly wait to get in to.

I loved ‘Star Wars’ when I was a young boy, I had all the merchandise – Han Solo, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Chief Chirpa, the Millenuim Falcon, the AT-AT.

So dressing up as one of the characters was a boyhood dream in a sense.

There were a few other guys living their dreams at the party too. One guy spent £100 on an Obi Wan Ken Obi costume, while another reveller was rather menacing in his authentic-looking ‘Clockwork Orange’ outfit.

There was also a Mr and Mrs ‘Beetlejuice’. a ‘Top Gun’ and a cracking ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Maleficent’.

My costume cost me 54 quid but I’ll get my money’s worth out of it, don’t worry about that. I can see myself organising some fancy dress nights just for the hell of it in the near future.

Hopefully other people will be there too, but if not, I won’t let that stop me.