Still waiting to be convinced

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

This week, I’ve returned to a topic I’ve spoken about before - The Referendum. Last time, I was baffled and confused about what the two sides were about, mainly down to the fact people my age hadn’t been given much information to help us decide. You would think with the voting age being lowered, we would be the ones being targeted because a) we haven’t a clue what we’re doing at the polls and b) the outcome of this vote has quite a big part to play in a little something called OUR FUTURE.

Well, months on, I can safely say we’ve been provided with next-to-no information. Like many others, I’m still baffled and confused.

It’s not that we’ve been given zero info, that bit’s maybe a little exaggerated. Two months ago, at an assembly, one of our modern studies teachers highlighted the arguments of the Yes and No campaigns. This was quite interesting, I’m not going to lie. I’m not really into politics, but I found myself completely immersed in the two different arguments.

But this “immersion” came to an abrupt halt, however, because since then we’ve been given nothing in the way of leaflets, posters, letters or anything else to help us decide.

To put it bluntly, the Yes supporters are doing doing themselves no favours and, because of this, I’m sitting on the No side of this campaign.

What’s gotten under my skin are the negative reactions lately from the EU and the rest of the UK about Salmond’s big plan. Yet he and his party have done nothing to reassure me that things will be okay if we do become independent. I’m sorry, a 15-second clip of you on the news, Mr Salmond, yelling at the opposition and smacking your hand off your desk, just isn’t really doing the trick anymore.

Obviously there are other factors to my decision - future career, uni fees, pensions, boyfriend in Newcastle - but my point is that even though we’re months away from this vote, half the country don’t have a scoobie what they’re doing.

If we can’t organise this, how will we ever be able to organise an Independent Scotland?