Stepping out to fitness is my plan

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The next phase in my seemingly losing battle with keeping my weight down and getting fit is now truly underway.

As regular readers will know this is something that comes to the fore around a couple of times a year – usually just before a holiday and the Christmas party season when I’m determined to squeeze into a little black dress, with little being the key word.

With that latter event looming on the horizon I decided now was the time to get myself back in harness. Rather than spend hours pouring over magazine and online articles about the best way to tackle the battle of the bulge, I would get off my seat and do something about it.

However, my hours and hours of research had brought up one vital piece of information – apparently walking is one of the best forms of exercise around. Doesn’t put too much pressure on the old joints and also allows you to get outdoors to enjoy some fresh air.

But how to keep track of my efforts?

Always keen to improve my use of technology I downloaded an app to my mobile phone that guaranteed it would give me “accurate” details.

Great just what I’m looking for – or so I thought.

Yes it’s perfect at weekends when I’m trailing round the supermarket or Callendar Park with the grandchildren (see last week’s column) but not during the week.

The problem is I’m not like so many of the younger generation and I’m not permanently attached to my phone.

I don’t carry it about the office with me and I certainly don’t take it to the gym which so many (annoying) people do.

It all came to a head when I had a quick check on my activity level before eating lunch. It claimed I had done one minute of walking.

One minute!

I don’t think so.

Perhaps one minute from the house to the car and car to the office. But in the four hours that followed I had been up and down from my seat to speak to colleagues, trips to the photocopier and to take my turn to make tea.

So deciding to curb my desire to shout at said phone I’ve ditched the app and I’ve bought myself one of those activity trackers.

They look like watches and if you key in your height and weight, they also tell you how many calories you’ve burnt off.

So now I’m happily walking around in the knowledge that I’ve got a better idea of how far I’ve gone.

And guess what? I’ve covered enough miles today to allow myself a chocolate digestive proving it’s been a useful purchase!