Stedfast Association is seeking recruits

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Schools are back for the new session and BB companies have resumed and are seeking new recruits.
Similarly, the Stedfast Association is looking to add to its numbers. Prior to 1983, various parent and friends groups existed for support of individual companies.

At that time an initiative established Stedfast Associations to form fellowships of former members, staff, parents, friends and supporters of the Boys’ Brigade.

In 1993, with the support of the local BB Battalion the Falkirk and District Stedfast Association was formed and has flourished since. Members tend to be local but a few exist further afield, the latter just to keep in touch with the movement through correspondence and regular newsletters.

The others meet most months for meetings, varying from meals together, games nights, theatre visits, days away, visiting places of interest, hearing speakers, a church service each January and a holiday weekend away in March.

They also assist the Battalion when possible. Many members knew each other in their BB days but usually as rivals, whereas now closer friendships have been forged, not only locally but with other Scottish Stedfast groups.

Currently they are extending warm invitations to all local churches to encourage any interested members to seek to widen the scope of the group in terms of age, experience and ideas.

Initial enquiries should be directed to their secretary on 013234 483695. How many of you are BB badge collectors stemming from your own collection of service and achievement awards from your days in the ranks?

If you wish to add to your buttonhole badges you will be interested to know of the Queen’s 90th birthday badge. It can be ordered at £1.50 from or from the Battalion shop at 11 Friars Street, Stirling.