Staying in may be the new going out

Maureen Kennedy
Maureen Kennedy
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Does this sound familiar? A friend is very keen to meet up with you on Saturday night. A plan is made but, later in the week, maybe even on Saturday morning, you get a call, “Would you be really annoyed if we didn’t meet up?”

Obviously they have called to cancel but they are trying to soften the blow by getting you to say you don’t mind! Something else has obviously come up that is more appealing to them or someone with whom they would rather spend their sacred Saturday evening has issued an invitation.

Inevitably you let them off the hook, say you don’t mind and it’s fine. Inwardly you are annoyed, especially if YOU have respected the plan and perhaps turned down other invitations. And even more annoyed if this is a pattern of behaviour that regularly occurs.

Sadly, there are people for whom the social stigma of facing Saturday night at home, maybe alone, is something they cannot bear. So they practically beg you to go out with them. You agree, mostly because you are a good friend, perhaps a rather better friend than they deserve, especially if you are habitually rejected at the last minute.

What is so terrible about a Saturday night ‘in’? It’s just a date on the calendar.But if you think that everyone else is out having fun, the thought of being at home is unbearable. And what are you going to say on Monday when asked about your weekend?

But actually, not everyone is out ENJOYING themselves.Some people spend all day getting ready to go out only to end up bored or unhappy because the evening has failed to live up to the hype of ‘a great Saturday night out’. And, let’s be honest, they probably didn’t meet the man/woman of their dreams which was part of the reason for going out!

By all means, go out if you really want to, but don’t be afraid of admitting to enjoying a Saturday night at home in front of the telly. A takeaway, a bottle of wine or a few beers and good telly is a very good recipe for a Saturday night.

You don’t have to spend hours getting ready for it, it’s cheaper than going out and nobody will think less of you, in fact they could well be slightly jealous that you enjoyed your evening. So much so, it really might be the case that staying in is the new going out!