Stay safe if you have to make car journey

Chief Inspector Damian ArmstrongChief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Like many of you, I have found travelling to work challenging over the past few days with snow and ice providing difficult driving conditions.

With the conditions set to last until the weekend and temperatures remaining low, there will be a significant risk of ice.

Falkirk Council is doing a tremendous job, with gritters out and about, but road conditions remain challenging across Falkirk.

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Think about whether or not your journey is necessary. If it’s not, don’t travel. If you absolutely have to drive, bear in mind that stopping distances increase ten times when driving in snow and ice.

Second gear is best when moving off in the car and, remember, it is not always obvious that the road is icy.

Look for clues such as ice on the pavement or on your windscreen. If your tyres are making virtually no noise on the road, it could be a sign that you are driving on ice.

Clear any snow on the roof before you drive off as it can slide onto the windscreen under braking and obscure your view.

Finally, don’t break heavily; it will just lock your wheels and you will skid.

Consider changing to a lower gear and allowing the gears to slow the vehicle.