Spring is in the air ... with rain, hail and snow

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It is always nice to see spring has eventually arrived in Scotland.

Looking out my bedroom windows, I find myself smiling at the lambs in the field next to my house, with the sun beaming down on their fluffy little coats.

I fear, though, I speak too soon. Sunshine is a rarity, especially in Falkirk.

The forecast for the upcoming week looks rather bleak - rain, snow, sleet and, no doubt, hailstones will grace the Braes area with their presence.

I enjoy the sun and the idea it could last but, unfortunately, it seems this apparent heatwave will be short-lived.

It is a shame my lovely view from my window will inevitably be spoiled but it’s outwith my control.

I am hoping our weather does fall into some sort of “normal” springtime pattern. The ideal situation would of course be if it rained during the night and then the sun split the skies during the day.

The idea of sitting outside during my Easter break, or even study leave, with a nice warm sun in the sky seems rather appealing. Who knows? My work ethic and motivation to study may actually increase if there were to be a change in the weather.

It would be extremely beneficial if the sun popped its head out more often than not because myself and lots of others, would prefer to study outside in a summer atmosphere rather than in our bedrooms on a rainy, miserable April’s day.

The coming of spring does not only mark the change of the weather but also the start of a new cycle for the world and a brand new year.

Change is something which many people my age will experience soon.

Let’s just hope that it brings, and keeps, the fantastic weather we all hope for.