Spoilers are hard to avoid

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Last week saw the mid-season finale of one of my favourite television shows, The Walking Dead.

With the glorious invention of Sky+ and catch-up TV, I no longer have to stick to the rigid schedule of shows. Instead I can record them and watch them at a time that suits me, however this is where the danger of spoilers arises.

As soon as the episode finished, drawing the curtain on Rick and Co’s attempts to stay alive in a zombie apocalypse, fighting countless zombies, evil one-eyed goveners and each other, the internet lights up with pictures, meme’s and information that basically ruins the episode for those who have not yet seen it.

I understand this is partly my fault, I should stay away from the web until I have caught up, but let’s face it, we are all a bit like zombies with our phones, just hitting the refresh button on Facebook, so of course a spoiler will make its way onto my feed at some point.

All it takes is one person’s status sayig how much they loved/hated that character or a picture showing the gruesome moment their storyline came to a bloody end and the episode is then spoiled.

Even if I do manage to avoid the hoard of information online, my ‘friends’ are always on hand to ruin the show anyway.

Not even fans of the show, but some of my pals take great joy in texting me spoilers or posting the plot of next season on our group chat.

It seems the only option is to go off the grid until I have watched my shows, ensuring no episode will be ruined.

Or I could just watch the programme when it airs and save any hassle, but then what would be the point in having catch-up TV?