Sophie's Diary: It is a one-horse presidency race as far as I'm concerned

Politics was never properly an interest of mine until about five years ago when the government began to have somewhat of an effect on my everyday life.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 3rd May 2016, 12:00 pm
Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

Watching the lead up to elections and party campaigns is now something I frequently enjoy and engage with.

I have never been shy about my political views – writing an opinion piece every week has given me the ability to talk about politics in Scotland and the UK.

However, I don’t tend to talk much about the politics of others countries, mostly because it doesn’t take too much of a toll on us.

But when it comes to the US presidential elections, I feel it’s probably necessary to acknowledge what’s going on.

In terms of American politics parties, I don’t have much of an opinion. When posed with the question: “Are you a Republican or Democrat?” the truth is I don’t know enough about the core values of either to choose a side.

However, my answer when asked: “Who should be the next president?” is clear: Hilary Clinton – certainly not Donald Trump.

Neither delegate has won the right to campaign for their parties as yet, but I think it’s likely they will both succeed and battle it out.

I believe Clinton has what it takes to become the first female president. It’s a scary prospect but it’s even scarier to think some Americans believe Trump is capable of running one of the worlds most powerful country’s.

Hearing about Trump sweeping primary wins sounds almost delusional.

The man is sexist, racist and incapable of the top job.

If there is one piece of advice I can offer American citizens as a person from a different country, it’s this: vote Clinton.

Unless, of course, you want to see your country fall into turmoil.