Sophie's Diary: Angel stood by me at work; it changed my spiritual opinion

Sophie WallaceSophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace
The idea of spiritualism and angels has never really been of interest to me.

Something which I have given a lot of thought to, however, and strongly believe in is fate – the idea that our lives are already predetermined.

I’ve usually pinned everything which has happened in my life thus far down to fate and never really believed an angel guides me.

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However, my outlook was changed forever last week at work when I became part of something truly special.

It wouldn’t be fair for me to talk about this customer’s life story publicly so I’ll try to keep this bit vague.

The customer, who’s birthday it was, had experienced a loss 14 years ago – the little one was called Sophie; she would’ve been the same age as me. As this customer’s designated waitress, it was inevitable that I’d built a professional bond but once I knew about the deeper connection,I couldn’t help but become emotional.

I suppose one could say it was purely coincidence – that this could’ve only happened on this woman’s birthday.

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However, I can’t stop thinking I was part of something more, something bigger and in that moment an angel stood by me.

My outlook on destiny, angels and signs has now changed. A couple of days after what happened at work I spotted a small white feather on a pillow in my front room.

Part of me knew it probably was from the pillow but I couldn’t help but wonder if it was a sign that an angel, perhaps the same one, was there looking after me.

If you’d told me a week ago my opinion would shift on spirits from one extreme to another, I would’ve laughed.

But since I’ve experienced it first hand, my beliefs have changed and for whichever angel stood by me that day at work, to whoever they may be, I am truly grateful.