Sophie’s Diary: We are all ‘real’ women, no matter the size of our dress

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This week I’ve decided to address an issue which, frankly, I thought we’d started to knock on the head.

Being the age that my friends and I now are, we’ve learned to become more accepting of our bodies.

To say it was a struggle for me to love myself and my body as a teenager is a huge understatement but I’ve now learned to accept my flaws.

However, I know how difficult it is for teenagers, especially, to do that.

So I was appalled to read comments like those I saw on social media this week.

I was made aware of some comments a select number of adults had made on various pictures on the social media site of a local business which I work alongside often.

The business, which prides itself in providing stunning gowns and daywear for women of all shapes and sizes, seemed to be coming under a bit of fire for apparently only posting pictures of “skinny” girls, or girls who “all look the same”.

One comment in particular read: “I wonder how this would look on a “real woman”.

I’m sorry, what? A real woman? As someone who has worn these dresses many a time, I can assure you I’m very much “real”.

It’s comments like this which boil my blood and do absolutely no favours for not only the young girl modelling the dress but any woman looking to purchase a gown.

What constitutes a “real woman”? A size 8? Size 18? Size 28? Newsflash: we’re all real and we’d all look cracking in these gowns.

The key is to have confidence but how can we have confidence to look good when people are still making comments like this?

Body confidence effects most people, regardless of what they look like.

So get that gown and show the naysayers how “really” spectacular you are!