Sophie’s Diary: Time to show the world what is really going on

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When the Charlie Hebdo attacks occurred in Paris early last year, I wrote an article highlighting that terrorism has no religion.

Abusing the purpose of a religion as a means of giving an excuse to bomb and kill thousands of innocent people is completely absurd. Not only do I find the idea inhumane but completely disrespectful to the rest of those people who are part of that religion and I believe, like many others, terrorism should be eradicated completely.

I’m sure briefly in the past I’ve mentioned that I feel the media don’t give enough coverage to terrorism and that I believe we censor our media too much in order for us to see the fuller picture of what’s truly happening in our world. The images of the attacks in Brussels were brutal, however I still am of the mindset that the uncensored images of the aftermath of the attacks should be released. It is important for us to comprehend the truth about what’s happening in our world, not for us to believe a painted image that some media have portrayed.

Recently, my social media feeds are full of criticism to the British and European media over the coverage of the recent terrorism attacks across the world. Whilst the spotlight was primarily on Brussels, there was little coverage of the attacks in the eastern world and I believe this is truly disgraceful. It think it is the duty of the media to educate its consumers in everything in the world, whether or not it occurs close to the base of the consumerism or not.

When I first started studying journalism and the media, I never realised how censored the media can potentially be. But now, coming to the end of my first year, I’ve decided it’s my duty to present nothing but the truth in my reporting, no matter how tough the backlash might be. It’s time to show the world what’s really going on.