Sophie’s Diary: Terror, tumult and triumph - The key moments in 2017

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

It’s been a wacky 12 months and they certainly haven’t been without their share of ups and downs.

This year’s review will hopefully be a lot cheerier than last year’s which, when reading it back, highlighted a year most of us agreed we’d try to forget about.

Trump got elected and Brexit – need I say more?

Although this year got a whole lot cheerier, it’s important to address the things which had a rather more serious impact.

The Manchester Arena bombing and the mass shooting in Las Vegas which killed more than 100 people combined were events which shook the world.

The rising tension between North Korea and the rest of the world had the population worried about another world war.

The whole world has had its fair share of fear this year; hopefully that’s something we can avoid as much of in 2018.

On a personal note, losing both my great-grandparents and my dog in the space of six months was something which pushed my family to its limits. This was the first year I grew concerned about my own health and my family’s.

However, the Wallaces prevailed and we are stronger and ready for anything which hits us.

Watching hundreds of women come together with the #MeToo campaign initially highlighted one of the most prominent scandals of the 21st century, however it empowered sexual harassment survivors worldwide to come together and communicate a message.

And as for me? I landed my dream job of working in broadcast journalism, I threw myself back into sport, started a pub quiz, raised almost £1000 for charity and came second in Miss Scotland. 2017’s been a pretty good one. I hope it’s been the same for you, too.

Three cheers for this year. Here’s to the next 12 months!