Sophie’s Diary: Our planet is beautiful and I want to embrace that fully

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It’s the beginning of a brand new year and so, naturally, it would be rude not to talk about my New Years resolutions this week.

I can’t say I’ve been most successful with previous resolutions in past years (for example, I’ve promised to stop biting my nails 12 years out of 20). However, recently I’ve seemed to have been quite good by my decisions. I hope, then, that this year isn’t an exception to this trend, and I can carry on in the same fashion.

Cue resolution number one: stay motivated. I am a professional procrastinator and although when I am motivated I get the job done well, the actual spell of time I stay motivated for is quite short. Therefore I’ve decided that if, at any one point, I have even the tiniest burning passion to do something that I keep that spark alive, I know future me will thank me for it.

Next up: do what I want to do, not what anyone else wants me to do. This is slightly more cryptic than my last resolution, but I need to do what makes me happy, not what someone else thinks will. I’ll be 20 soon (good grief) so it’s time to start living how I want to live.

Number three: save my pennies. This is pretty self explanatory – I’m a student and I’m skint. To become more efficient with my money is high on my priority list, mostly because of my next promise.

Resolution number four: begin my travels. It’s been a long time coming, but this is the year I want to begin to see the world. From now on in, I’ve promised myself that I’ll see at least three different countries a year. Our planet is beautiful and I want to embrace that fully. First up on 2017’s list: Italy, Malta and Amsterdam. It’s time to see the world.

And there you have it, the promises I’ve made to myself. It’ll be fun come six months down the line to see how well I’ve gotten on. You’ve got it in writing now, so here goes nothing!