Sophie’s Diary: No smoke without fire? In Affleck’s case, I think so...

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This year’s Oscars were back with a bang and Sunday night saw the stars of Hollywood grace the red carpet, all in the hope of walking away with a shiny trophy of a small, metal man.

I wasn’t sure how this year’s ceremony was going to top last year, what with Leo finally walking away with his Best Actor trophy.

So I was keen to see who would pick up the title this time round. It’s safe to say when Casey Affleck’s name was called for his performance in Manchester By The Sea, I wasn’t overly impressed.

Casey Affleck is undoubtedly an incredible actor and his performance in MBTS was Oscar-worthy.

However, presenting a man with an award who is alleged to have sexually harassed two women in production of a film goes against my moral code. Affleck denies the allegations but with two separate women filing two different lawsuits, I can’t help but think he has something to hide.

Like Brie Larson, I cannot applaud this man. Yes, he might be worthy of the award, but what happens when we start giving trophies to men who harass women?

I understand the logic behind the Oscar award being given to the actor who has performed the best on screen but I think much more must be considered.

The Oscars are arguably the most influential and prestigious awards ceremony in existence, so surely the winners should reflect a positive, role-model? For me, Affleck doesn’t.

Is his win Hollywood’s way of saying that sexual harassment is okay?

It is the second time recently Brie Larson has presented Affleck with an award and on both occasions she didn’t applaud him.

I applaud her for making it clear sexual harassment shouldn’t be condoned – whether you’re an Oscar winner or not.