Sophie’s Diary: I am studying to be a journalist after all . . .

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This week, I think it’s fair to say that karma has hit me like a tonne of bricks.

Fear not, I’ve not done anything bad or something which people would frown upon – I’ve just been saying something for the past year which has, eventually, come back to bite me on the bottom. Again, I must reassure you that I haven’t been spreading horrible rumours or spouting lies that’ll get more into a lot of trouble. In fact, what I’ve been saying is nothing more than the truth. What have I been saying, I hear you ask?

“I have no exams this year.”

I told you it wasn’t horrendous and yes, it is the truth – whilst the rest of my first year friends have been bombarded with exams since Christmas, I’ve had a single 60wpm shorthand test to sit. And trust me, I haven’t let my friends forget it. In fact, I haven’t let anyone forget it.

I think that’s why life has decided to throw every single assignment as humanly possible at me and the rest of my fellow first year journos in the last week-and-a-half of term.

Two 2000 word essays, a television assignment, eight blog posts, another few essays and reflective logs and an autocue assessment thrown into the space of five days. My poor fingers haven’t battered out so many words in my life and now they’re going rapid pace, typing out analysis on things like global forces and Sigmund Freud.

In a way, I guess part of me is glad most of my assignments have been left till now. I find it nice to have a full year stress-free and only having to deal with panic at the end of our semesters.

However, would it not make a little more sense to have our assignments spread out evenly across the year? A couple of my classmates are really beginning to stress out, so perhaps a rethink of assessment times is necessary?

But for me, the rest of my week holds battering out more writing. I shouldn’t complain, I am studying to be a journalist after all …