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Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

Who knew that fundraising could be so fun?

Not only are you raising money for good causes, but you find yourself having a ball with good friends and new acquaintances at the same time.

Just the other week there, I found myself at two different fundraising events on back to back evenings.

One was for the Children’s Panel, another was for my gymnastics team, Falkirk Infinity. It turn out I’ve found my hidden talents.

I appear to be very good at quizzes and bingo, which are pretty handy life skills, I think.

The quiz night for the Panel was held last Friday in Grangemouth, and it’s fair to say there was a fantastic turn out.

The poor staff at The Abbostinch had to bring in extra tables and serve about 20 people at a time at the bar. Still, the quiz as a whole was a success, and thanks to my mother’s competitiveness and the wonderful useless knowledge stored away in the brains of our team, we came sixth out of, I think, 24-ish teams. And, to top it all off, they raised just over £2000 for their charity, which is going towards a place in Camelon that they look after.

As for the bingo, well, I had a blast.

Prize bingo on a Saturday is now one of my favourite things. Apart from winning the cheeseboard that I donated (just my luck), I think mum and I were pretty successful- a bath set, curling tongs and alcohol were a few of the things we won.

Just under £800 pounds was raised to help fund our trip to Athens, and for such a small team like us, we think that’s a massive success. We still have a few fundraisers up our sleeves, however, so hopefully that sum should go up.

In general, I’ve decided that going to fundraising events is great fun.

They allow you the opportunity to not only meet new people and have a fantastic time, but give to good causes.

Either way, coming home, you’re going to feel like a good person, and I feel that’s something that should be cherished.