Sophie’s Column: Soon to be a dog’s life in the Wallace household

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

Every morning when I wake up, I check the countdown app on my phone and every day it edges a little closer to the week beginning Monday, March 19.

Although it’s still almost a month away, I can’t help but get a bit more excited whenever I see that number on my screen drop and then I know the day we bring our little nugget home is getting closer. What – or who – is this little nugget, I hear you ask? Well, the Wallace household is bracing itself for the latest addition to the family, complete with floppy ears, a wet nose and four fluffy paws. We’re getting a puppy!

Now this is an exciting prospect as I’m sure you can imagine. We’ve bought a bed, toys, training pads, a lead, bowls and a huge cage for her to stay in when there’s no-one around. She’s a springer spaniel/cocker cross so no doubt she’ll be full of beans and bouncing around. I can’t wait to come home every day and hear barking, followed up by slobbery kisses and lots of cuddles. There’s something so comforting about having a dog in the house.

Although we’re so excited to be welcoming the newest member of the family into our home, it’s also a slightly sad occasion. Last year, the day before my birthday actually, we said goodbye to our golden labrador Leia, who was ours for 14 years. Our hearts were broken when she passed away and we were adamant we’d have to wait a while before getting another dog. So when we decided the time was right to do just that, we decided to ensure our new dog had a strong connection to our Leia. Star Wars fans, I hope you’ll appreciate this.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce Amilyn to the Wallace family clan. I hope you’re ready for cuddles, kisses and a whole lot of love from us because, believe me, we’re ready for it from you.