So far, the bad seems to be outweighing the good

Sophie Wallace.
Sophie Wallace.

As I’m sure most of you are now probably aware, I am very open about my political views.

I’m usually a bit of a left winger and I’ve made myself quite clear about my dislike for anything Tory. Usually I’m quite certain as to which way I’m going to vote however, in the run up to the Scottish General Election in May, this time round I feel completely lost. Ironically enough, this is the first time that I’ve been old enough to vote and so the only time which my opinion can make a difference. It’s just that this year, I don’t even have an opinion to give.

As many of you know, I am very pro-Labour. I was overjoyed to hear that Jeremy Corbyn had been elected as the new leader a couple of months back and I was excited to see the general direction that he would take the party in. Initially, I believed Kezia Dugdale and he would work excellently together as they both portrayed themselves to be strong politicians (in my opinion). However, I feel our Kez has withered away slightly and now whenever I see her on the television I get, well, a bit bored.

In comparison to the powerhouses that are Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson, Kezia really isn’t standing up to much, which worries me slightly about who may take charge of the country. I think Ruth Davidson is absolutely brilliant. I believe she’s likeable, relatable and actually quite funny but the one, rather major issue, is that she’s a Tory. Similarly, I have a lot of time for Sturgeon and I believe she’s performed well as First Minister since far. However, yet again, she’s SNP, and everybody knows how I feel about them. The problem is, there really is no front runner and everyone has their pros and cons. Unfortunately, so far though, the bad seems to be outweighing the good.

Although this years choice in who to vote for might not be the easiest, at least one thing is certain: a woman will be in charge of the country. It’s just deciding which woman it will be who gets my vote.