Slip sent me to hospital

Less haste, more speed - that is a phrase that could have been written for me. Despite always rushing about, I’m frequently late for appointments, work and to meet friends.

And it was rushing around that resulted in a trip to Forth Valley Royal A&E last week.

On the first day of a week’s annual leave, I managed to slip while rushing about and put my knee through a ceramic floor tile. Things didn’t look good for my knee, and the floor tile looked even worse.

Thankfully, it happened in my mum’s house so my floor is still in pristine condition.

The fall not only ruined the tile and my trousers, but left my knee in a bit of a mess. So off to A&E we went to be patched up.

I was dreading the trip, I’ve never had a serious accident before and had heard horror stories of waiting hours to be seen, but we arrived to a pretty empty reception and I was seen instantly by the nurse.

The trainee nurse was quite excited to have a juicy injury to deal with after an afternoon of sniffles and sprains and as soon as she cleaned me up, I was ushered straight into the doctor, the radiographer then back to the doctor to be stitched up.

Two hours after being carried in, I was limping out with meds in hand.

The drama reinforced to me, how fortunate we are to have the NHS and how precious a commodity it is. For lots of parts of the world, the aftermath of an accident can be debating whether you can even afford to be treated.

So my first -and hopefully last - experience of A&E was a positive one and I might have learned a lesson about rushing about.

But now, with my gammy leg, if I am late I do have a pretty good excuse!