Singles might be alone – not lonely

Maureen Kennedy
Maureen Kennedy
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Sue, single and in her 40s, who happily lives alone, recently went abroad to a wedding. The accommodation was inevitably charged on a per room basis but she accepted that as part of thecost of her single status.

A few weeks before the wedding, Elaine (whom she sort of knew but had never spent much time with) called to suggest sharing a room as it would save them both money and ‘it would be fun’.

Put on the spot, Sue agreed but immediately kicked herself. Sue could never sleep properly if she shared and this arrangement was for a week!

Predictably she barely slept and if she did drop off was woken every time Elaine snored or moved or got up to go to the loo.

Elaine was fine, she was married and had spent the last 30 years sharing a bedroom.

Sue also found the incessant chat first thing incredibly irritating as she just wasn’t used to it.

Sue had arranged with another couple she did know quite well, to share a hire car.

As there were three people it was necessary to have a biggish car but they enjoyed a few trips out together and all seemed well. When his credit card bill came in, Al emailed Sue with details of the total cost of the hire ending with the words ‘divided by two’. He had assumed the bill would just be split counting the couple as one entity.

If someone is holidaying alone, it’s quite likely it’s their choice. Some couples opt for separate holidays because their interests are different plus it’s good to spend time apart and alone.It’s very kind to invite a single traveller to join you for a drink or a meal but if they decline, they probably do mean it.

They knew they would be on their own when they left home!

These examples illustrate well the plight of the single person.

It really can be the case that a person enjoys and requires their own company so don’t assume that will change because they are on holiday.

And why should a singleton pay half?

Sue had an equal third use of the car and did eventually pay a third although Al was not happy.

Al wouldn’t ask her to pay half if the three of them had gone out for dinner would he? Or maybe he would!