Singing Kettle’s demise has got me steamed up

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Devastated doesn’t even begin to explain it – I’m distraught that little Sophie is going to miss out on one of the greatest entertainment experiences any small child can enjoy.

For those of you wondering (again) what I’m havering about, you’ve obviously been going around for the last two days with your head in a cloud. Forget the Referendum and the possible end to the Union, what’s got mums, dads, children and grandparents like me in a tiss is ... The Singing Kettle will be no more.

The popular singing group from Kingskettle in Fife – I was amazed to drive past one day and realise there really was such a place – have announced that their final show will be in February. After that they’ll hang up their instruments, colourful costumes and madcap props and The Singing Kettle will be history.

It’s difficult to explain the attraction: they sing and dance about to songs that children – and a good few adults love. In fact, Judy Murray – her boys play tennis you know – had their ‘Jeely Piece’ song on her Desert Island Discs playlist.

I first took my two to see them in Stirling’s Albert Halls over 25 years ago and we all were completely hooked, always eagerly waiting to see when the next tour would be announced.

The day that Jack was old enough to go along to see them in Falkirk Town Hall, I waited with bated breath to see what his reaction would be ... and he loved them!

Even though the original founders, folk singing husband and wife Artie Trezise and Cilla Fisher, decided to retire a few years ago, it was still great to see the act continuing and the days of chanting ‘Spout, handle, lid of metal, what’s inside the Singing Kettle?’ would continue.

On second thoughts, perhaps I do know what the attraction is – it’s innocent fun, nothing computerised, just traditional songs that your granny used to sing to you when you were little, along with a few madcap tunes they’d written.

And that’s what I’m so disappointed that Sophie is going to miss out on.