Signs are definitely there that I’m getting older

Colin Hume.
Colin Hume.

I’ve spent the last few years fighting against any signs that I might be getting older.

Hence my joints still ache two weeks after a MoonWalk I didn’t think I needed to train for and my eyes edge closer to the screen as I type this while my glasses are shut firmly in my drawer.

But what really gives me away is when I say ‘‘It never happened in my day’’.

And that phrase has been uttered more than a few times this week as the pictures that make up our prom supplement began landing on my desk.

Just when did this ‘tradition’ start?

My last day at school was spent getting all my teachers to sign the required leaving slip before walking out the gates with barely a backward glance.

Now it’s all glitz and glamour, ballgowns and stretch limos.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not against the idea – an excuse for a good party I say – but I notice that the proms are now extending to some primary schools and nurseries are even getting in on the act with their graduation ceremonies.

I’ve decided it’s not fair youngsters should have all the fun, so toast me on Friday as I celebrate reaching the end of another week.