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Have you seen the TV advert that is causing such a stooshie? Seems someone had the cheek to suggest that women do the majority if not all of the preparations for Christmas.

Now without getting involved in that debate, I think there is one regular Christmas task that will be taking up less time this year. Are you planning to send as many cards this December?

It may have been a festive ‘must’ but lots of people are saying that the increased cost of postage is a major factor in deciding to cut back on the number they plan to send in 2012.

Christmas cards may have been around for almost 170 years but, with the art of letter writing almost becoming a dying art, have they had their day?

Over the years Christmas cards have changed from the traditional nativity and cosy Victorian family scenes to today’s often garish offerings which seem to have little to do with the festive season. But is there anything worse than cards that some politicians are sending this year.

Did someone not tell David Cameron that a photo of him outside 10 Downing Street with the Olympic torch isn’t really in keeping with the season. And who would want a photo of Ed Milliband and family staring down at them - give me a robin or snowman any time.

But of course there is nothing worse than deciding to cut back only to receive a card from someone you ‘deleted’.

So I’ve bought my cards and the coming days will no doubt find me scrambling about looking for addresses and postcodes so I don’t feel guilty about missing out people who, despite not having seen for years and in some cases decades, I still send seasons greetings.

But, in case you don’t receive my card this year, Merry Christmas.

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