Sights and sounds from our childhood years

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It’s funny how some sights, sound and smells can instantly take you back to your childhood.

One of the most vivid memories I have is being taken to football matches by my dad.

Judging by the some of the games I can recall, I can’t have been more than six or seven, so taking my seat in apacked stadium was an awe-inspiring experience.

But the two things that still live with me today are the smell - a musty mix of tobacco and alcohol - and the walk back from the ground when the Green Cross Code was forgotten as hundreds of fans made their way down the centre of the road.

My granny also used to give us a Mars Bar to take to the game - a tradition my brother and I continue to this day.

Back home we were usually treated to fish and chips and, if we were lucky, homemade dumpling.

Clootie dumpling. Now there’s something that will bring back happy memories for Scots of all ages.

Done properly, wrapped in muslin and steamed for hours, it’s a taste sensation.

I was lucky enough to be served a slice made by a colleague last week and it was even better than my gran’s.

(Not really, but I’m hoping for another piece!)

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