Shopping frenzy hitting the aisles

Kate LivingstonKate Livingston
Kate Livingston
Depending when you read this there are only a few days/hours left to ensure that everything is organised for Christmas 2017.

Cards written and posted – check.

Presents selected – check.

Said presents wrapped – check.

Turkey ordered – check.

Tin foil to cover aforementioned bird – check.

Veg ready to be peeled – check.

But before you decide to give yourself a pat on the back and/or reward yourself with a mince pie and a little glass of something, can I ask ‘did you remember the batteries for your little darling’s most-wanted gift?’.

I hope that I’ve not started a stampede to the supermarket or corner shop, but better to discover it now than in the early hours of December 25.

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It seems that batteries are the most forgotten item by people over the festive period, closely followed by tin foil and cranberry sauce in the list of Christmas necessities.

The list has been compiled by a well-known supermarket so obviously they have a vested interest! And I do believe they are making tannoy announcements in their stores as well as signs all over the place to help shoppers remember these must-have items.

However, a closer study of the list left me a bit bemused.

Biscuits for cheese. I’ve only just thrown out the box I bought last year which I found lurking at the back of a cupboard unopened.

And napkins. Well use kitchen roll – that’s if you’ve remembered to buy it!

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At the risk of sounding like Scrooge or my mother – or both – does it matter if we’ve forgotten something? It’s only one day. Shops will be open on December 26 if you suddenly learn that a horde of relatives are about to descend and you’ve run out of bread.

Every year, I promise myself that I’ll be organised by Christmas Eve and not have any last-minute running around.

But when I stop and think, I am usually organised. It’s all the retailers’ hype that make me think that I really need to buy another box of chocolates or party food for unexpected guests.

So much will end up in the food waste caddy that it’s almost obscene. Although I did hear that a council down south was coming under fire for suggesting that people only buy enough brussel sprouts to give each person five to save on waste!

So perhaps this should be the year that we all cut back on our last-minute shopping ...

Now, does anyone know where I can find pigs in blankets still in stock?

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