She’s a chip off the old block

Scott McAngus
Scott McAngus

When you have children you constantly worry about them – every parent will know these fears I have which can be totally irrational.

It seems, however, I have absolutely nothing to be anxious about now as my nine-year-old daughter apparently has special powers.

So we were chatting away when I asked what she had been up to the previous day when she revealed these powers I knew nothing of.

She was outside playing with her friends when a local good-for-nothing appeared. This particular rogue (not a lovable one) is well known to me as I’ve had dealings with him in the past – mainly to try and steer him on a more righteous course in life as it was clear from an early age that he was going to turn out a serious wrong ‘un.

While they were playing rumours quickly spread that said villain, of no fixed abode, had just been released from his latest leisurely stay at Her Majesty’s convenience and was back living with family members.

When she told me he and his girlfriend were “round the park” drinking cans of beer you can obviously see my cause for alarm which I didn’t try to hide.

Giving her some fatherly advice I told her sternly to stay away from people like that and tell myself or her mum if anything untoward had happened straight away. To my surprise, and laugh out loud humour, she said in a quite serious tone: “It’s ok daddy, I’ve got Ninja powers.”

“Oh well then,” I replied. “We’re sorted then, I don’t need to worry at all.”

There was another aspect about her reassuring comment that got me thinking as I said to myself: “She obviously gets her Ninja powers off me!”