Share and share alike at Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas in Livingston has a few good deals to tempt shoppers
Las Ramblas in Livingston has a few good deals to tempt shoppers

Shopping isn’t one of my favourite things to do – but eating is.

So there was a bit of yin and yang going on when we were out in Livingston getting stuff for an upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris in July.

Of all things on my list I was shopping for trunks – there’s something I never thought I’d ever say again – but trunks are a necessity if you’re going swimming in France because they won’t let you in a pool with a pair of shorts on.

Health and safety laws apparently, though I don’t have a clue how shorts can be dangerous or adverse to health.

So, after a fruitless day without finding a pair that complemented my figure thoughts of France quickly moved on to Spain and tapas food, one of my favourite types of cuisine.

Las Ramblas has recently opened up in the McArthur Glen shopping centre in the old Ashoka Shak space and it looks bright and inviting from the outside, especially after a couple of hours on your feet.

The restaurant is on a curve right in the middle of the large entrance area to the centre with a view of a massive water feature by a Japanese artist which people throw money into for good luck.

In keeping with Las Ramblas’s Spanish theme there’s a terrace eating area with an artificial hedge running along the top of wooden box-type facades in front of the eatery where you can sit and do some people watching.

We sat in one of the comfortable booths inside where the walls are bright and colourful mixed with tiling and subdued but stylish brown tabling and seating.

We had an internet deal voucher which entitled the two of us to three tapas dishes and a drink each for just £17 which is a really good offer as it would have been just over double this price.

I had the spicy Moroccan chicken kebabs, spicy chorizo sausage sauteed in red wine and the lamb and wine casserole with potatoes.

Karen ordered the piquant potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce, grilled skewers of chicken and king prawns with a hot tomato dip and chorizo and black pudding with a side of bread and olive oil for us both.

The chorizo, standard fare for a tapas joint was nice in the wine, cooked well with a very soft texture. The lamb was also lovely, soft and chewy in a gravy with the potatoes.

I was underwhelmed by the Moroccan kebabs and felt they were too dry, however, Karen liked them so we swapped for her skewers of chicken, without the prawns I might add, highlighting one of the delights of tapas that you can share the food around the table.

Las Ramblas also does a good deal of 10 tapas – serves two but could do three easily – of its most popular dishes for £39.95 and you can get paella for two for half that.

I love tapas and Las Ramblas is pretty decent. Service was prompt with no fuss and prices and portions are very reasonable compared to other tapas restaurants.