Seventh heaven as the spice is right at Nando’s

Nando's can don no wrong when it comes to tasty chicken
Nando's can don no wrong when it comes to tasty chicken

The Trimble family are no strangers to Nando’s.

Since this mecca for marinated chicken lovers opened in Falkirk last November we have been through its doors seven times.

And lucky for us, and my growling gut, the seventh visit was the most fulfilling - with the emphasis on filling - yet.

Whenever I eat out I want to be served a dish which does not give any peek of plate until I make it appear through my innate eating ability.

And when you order a half peri peri chicken with chips and a side of creamy 
coleslaw at Nando’s that’s never a problem.

However, quantity is 
nothing if quality is lacking and you’ll be hard pressed to find fresher, better cooked 
chickens than the beautiful birds Nandos serve up day in, day out. They are flame grilled treasure chests of tastiness.

While my wife has whipcracking Indiana Jones tastebuds, I have the “safety first” palate of Aardman’s clay clod Wallace.

Nando’s promotes various levels of spiciness, from the very mild, but totally flavoursome, to the blazing extra hot, loosen the collar and wait for the sprinklers to come on.

No prizes for guessing what Jayne went for.

Here are Jayne’s thoughts on her extra hot half chicken with spicy rice and corn on the cob:

“Tender juicy - cooked to perfection. Extra hot marinade was delicious. Spicy rice delicious - golden, fluffy and perfect accompaniment to the chicken.

“Corn was also cooked to perfection.”

Nando’s has a great children’s menu and our four-year-old son Charlie had a chicken burger, chips and corn on the cob.

Since he doesn’t have access to e-mail, all I can say on his behalf is the best review he could ever give a restaurant is actually eating what is put in front of him.

When he clears his plate that’s the equivalent of Egon Ronay devoting a paragraph of praise in his peerless prose or Tam Cowan scrawling 10 out of 10 in crayon on the back of a betting slip.

As Sir Maurice Micklewhite may or may not have said, not a lot of people know Nandos do some cracking desserts and while Jayne wolfed into a “creamy and delicious” caramel cheesecake, I snaffled the best carrot cake I’ve ever tasted.

Charlie normally goes for the frozen yogurt, but he used his own free will and opted for a sweetie from the pound shop on the way home.

Friendly staff, nice layout and damn fine chicken.

Nando’s can do no wrong.


Central Retail Park, Falkirk

(01324) 621871