Sellers bursting with buttery taste

Potted shrimp by chef Tom Sellars
Potted shrimp by chef Tom Sellars

Despite no professional training, Tom Sellers won his first Michelin star a mere five months after opening Story, his first restaurant.

For his latest project, he’s teamed up with Lurpak to become the face of their Cook’s Range Clarified Butter, with TV chef Valentine Warner.

He hopes he can encourage people to be more “comfortable with butter” when cooking at home, whether that’s using it for herb butters, cooking meat in it or to confit fish.

Fancy emulating Sellers’ kitchen wizardry in your own kitchen? Here’s a recipe he’s created for the Lurpak campaign which uses its clarified butter.


(Serves two)

250g brown shrimps

1 clove of garlic, thinly sliced

1 chopped shallot

10g chopped parsley

1 wild garlic leaf, sliced (if you can’t find this, add an extra half clove of garlic to the butter, but remove the green heart to prevent bitterness)

Fresh nutmeg; Zest of 1 lemon

1/2 chopped chilli; 200g butter

Black pepper

In a saute pan, warm half of the butter, sweat off the shallot, chopped chilli and sliced garlic.

Once sweated, add the shrimps and remove from the heat. Then add the wild garlic and chopped parsley.

Season with a little fresh nutmeg, a twist of black pepper and some grated lemon zest

Place in a kilner jar. The aim is to have a layer of butter on top of the mixture. Use the remaining butter to ensure that the pot is sealed and chill the potted shrimp until the butter has set hard on the top.

Serve the potted shrimp with toast or Melba toast. You can make your own Melba toast by slicing regular toast horizontally through the crust, then blasting it in an oven for five minutes until it curls up.