Scream if you wanna go slower

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

I had a chuckle with some work mates this week when we read the story of the theme park in north Devon which is determined not to upset its neighbours.

It seems that the owners have erected a sign next to one of their rollercoasters which asks patrons to show a little consideration and exercise a certain level of constraint.

Yes, at the Big Sheep theme park’s ride called The Big One, visitors - including young children I may add - are being asked not to scream or shout.

This is all because locals have been very vocal in their concerns about the racket coming from the ride which opened at Easter.

Infact the sign goes further with its guidance, inviting rollercoaster-riders to “enjoy the views”.

So, is this spoiling the fun or just common courtesy?

We all have neighbours; I remember turning down the music and telling guests to pipe down when I held a wee evening soiree at Chez Livingston just before Christmas.

It was the polite thing to do, and something I suppose I would expect in return from my neighbours.

I think we all know that everyone makes a bit of noise sometimes, and that’s fine, but knowing when to stop keeps relationships with those on our street keeps things on friendly terms.

But on the flip side, I briefly lived near an airport.

The airport was there before me, so it never even crossed my mind to moan about hearing the odd aircraft, or consider asking BA or EasyJet to turn down their engines.

But all that being said, this isn’t an airport or any other kind of industrial location we’re talking about here.

This is a theme park, the very definition of excitement, fun and experiencing something different.

Is this particular park now only interested in attracting a bunch of non-excitable, nonchalant children or adults with permanent Mona Lisa-type expressions.

May I suggest, that to complete the tedious experience, the theme park should perhaps consider removing the water from the splash zone or the canines from their sheep dog trials.

The whole thing reminded me of a tale a few years back, when Tom Cruise encouraged his pregnant wife Katie Holmes to be silent when giving birth after embracing Scientology.

The religion recommends refraining from sounds of pain during labour as it may distress the baby.

Oh, and pain relief was frowned on as well.

Yes everyone has to accept that there will always be things that make us want to scream.