Scouts planned their challenge

A TROOP of Scouts took on a challenge when they went on an '˜'˜expedition with a purpose''.

The five young people from the 62nd Larbert, along with their leaders, met the task as part of their Expedition Challenge Award.

They had comprehensive training over several weeks to ensure they were ready for their chosen expedition.

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Assistant Scout leader Greg Farquhar said: “Usually the leaders tell the Scouts where and when they will be going hiking, camping etc, and the sScouts simply have to turn up and go.

“For this award the Scouts have to decide on what kind of expedition they wish to undertake.

“Then they have to plan where and when they wish to do it, also what leaders are available to support them.

“They examine all safety aspects they need to take account of, and how do they communicate in the unlikely event of adversity.

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“So this group organised an expedition by train to the capital.

“After checking timetables, opening times and possible charges, they completed the planning process.

“During their expedition they visited Dynamic Earth, The Royal Mile and the castle esplanade among other places.

“The intrepid explorers had a great time visiting new places and seeing their plan come to fruition.”

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And having completed their challenge, they now just waiting for their award.

DEMAND for places at the Beaver, Club and Scout groups across Falkirk District is growing.

And the request is exceeding the quota allowed for the number of leaders currently volunteering.

Without more adults willing to help more an increasing number of children are finding their names being placed on waiting lists and having to travel further afield.

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If you have the time and would like to give something back to your community why get in touch with your local group.

You can do this by logging on to the Falkirk District website and offering to help or pop down to the weekly meetings.

All details are available at: www. then look at district groups – Scout groups.

Remember without YOU the groups will not survive.