Scout group cleans up

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SCOUTS from four groups teamed up on water and land to clean up their environment.

Volunteers from the 89th Falkirk, 5th Mount Gerald, 1st Falkirk and 27th Bonnybridge used kayaks and canoes to navigate the Forth and Clyde Canal, while their fellow scouts used litter pickers on the towpath to collect other people’s rubbish. Starting at the Community Centre in Bonnybridge they negotiated their way to the Falkirk Wheel and despite, at times, torrential rain, they kept going. They were working alongside staff from Scottish Canals, who manage the waterway and whose job it is to maintain the water and towpaths. After more than four hours of work and filling dozens of black bin bags the Scouts reached the Falkirk Wheel and a well earned break as well as points toward their Community Impact badge.

OVER at the 62nd a bag pack netted the group £318 towards their fundraising.

Members of the Larbert group got a spot at Morrison’s in Falkirk and thanks to the young people, their families and some generous shoppers the money was raised.

Group Scout leader Frank Fotheringham said: “Moving from our customary December bag pack was always likely to result in a reduced income but we made the change as a result of requests from the parents protective of their time around Christmas and New Year.”

However, the group has already arranged a second bag pack for November 25 and organisers are looking for families to volunteer their time to ensure as many check-outs as possible are covered.

Frank has also appealed for help with the group’s website. If you have the technical expertise email:

CUBS from across Scotland helped make the inaugural Scotjam a success earlier this year.

ScotJam2018 is a five day, residential activity week open to individual applications by parents of Cubs. It is targeting Cubs who cannot, for whatever reason, have the chance of the Night Away experience. Scouts are also being catered for at a similar event organised by Scouts Scotland. The events take place in July and booking (plus costings) open next month. For more information go to: Scouts Scotland (; Scout Adventures Lochgoilhead ( or ScotJAM (