Scottish Steak Club is an experience you won’t forget

The Steak Club at the Inchyra Hotel is well worth a visit
The Steak Club at the Inchyra Hotel is well worth a visit

The first rule of fight club is never talk about fight club. It’s not a rule you could ever get to stick with Steak Club ... you come away wanting to tell everyone about this exciting eating experience.

The Scottish Steak Club at the Macdonald Inchyra Hotel and Spa revamped its menu at the end of January and they’ve come up with a knockout.

What really attracted me was a couple of additions - a 10oz ribeye from Argentina, one of the world’s top beef producers, and a 10oz New York strip steak of prime, the highest grade of US Department of Agriculture rated beef.

There’s also the draw of a Scottish Black Angus Chateaubriand, built for sharing, but possibly one you’ve got to have negotiated with your eating partner before you come.

I love steaks. It must be the caveman in me - stop sniggering at the back there. A slab of meat slapped down to sizzle above a flame has me salivating right away.

But first things first, for there’s plenty on offer. From tempura battered prawns wobbling precariously, lollipop-like, at the end of long skewers, scallops or potted pork on sour dough or traditional haggis, neeps and tatties. And that’s just for starters.

I began with an array of John Ross Jr smoked salmon, served with capers red onion and rocket. Myra went fishy too, picking a creamy chowder, a creamy mix of smoked haddock, mussels and sweetcorn. Both were delicious.

The Steak Club atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with the staff attentive, chatty and helpful. There are no stoney stares and starched aprons here.

There are plenty alternatives to steak on the menu - from lemon sole, salmon or fish and chips to pork sausages and mash and an interesting-sounding Desperate Dan lamb shank pie, obviously for those with an appetite!

But it says ‘Steak’ on the door and it was steak we were after.

Myra went Scottish. Winner from a choice of T-bone, rib-eye and fillet was the 8oz sirloin, served medium with hand-cut chips, tomato and mushroom.

I went Stateside for a medium rare New York strip - full of flavour and juices. Heaven!

There’s many great things you could say about the new dessert shots - pick how many you want from a choice of knickerbocker glory, Cranachan, fruit meringue, chocolate mousse, lemon cheesecake and Scotch pancakes and maple syrup. But there are some delights people have to discover for themselves!

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