Same sex marriage plans make me proud to be a Scot

Kirsty Beaton.
Kirsty Beaton.
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There are many things the Scottish Government has introduced since devolution that I haven’t agreed with.

However, their latest headline-grabbing plans have left me never prouder to be Scottish.

By 2015 everyone will have the right to get married – whether they are straight, gay, transgender or bisexual.

Scotland is leading the way and now, eight years after gay people in the UK were given the right to have a civil partnership, they can marry – just like any other couple.

I appreciate these plans have divided opinion, with the majority of respondents to the Scottish Government’s consultation against the idea, but I strongly feel everyone should have the right to marry.

While the rights of those in civil partnerships are the same as those married – they are still seen as distinctly different practices.

The major religious organisations may still be debating if they would be happy to conduct gay marriages, however other organisations, such as the Humanist Society, embrace all sexual preferences and can finally conduct the marriages of all willing parties.

And while I feel that ministers and priests who strongly oppose gay marriage shouldn’t be forced to conduct same sex services, I feel the rights of all people in Scotland should be the same.

Eleven countries around the world already allow same sex marriages to go ahead, with many others currently reviewing their stances. That Scotland will be among the first countries to allow for such forward thinking makes me proud to be Scottish.

Anyone in love should have the right to make their other half their husband or wife – whatever their sexual orientation.