Sadly, Falkirk reporter finds you can bank on delay

Jill Buchanan
Jill Buchanan

Hardly a day goes by without hearing the latest brickbat directed towards bankers and the financial institutions they represent.

What used to be a revered profession has gone spiralling down in most people’s estimations after the UK taxpayer had to stump up billions to bail them out to stop a financial collapse.

However, thousands of hardworking employees could do little more than get on with the job they had been doing for years, at least those who were lucky enough to keep their jobs. While it is good the Government has brought in new regulations to hopefully ensure such a situation doesn’t arise again, there are times when it seems the financial sector’s caution is bit too overbearing.

And I say that with the experience of someone who has been involved in trying to set up an account for all the donations that have been made to help bring the Grangemouth minister’s niece to Scotland for treatment. Trying is certainly the word to describe the experience – very trying!

First of all we couldn’t just turn up at a branch clutching the cash. Oh no, we had to arrange to be called by an advisor ... within 72 working hours. Needless to say we waited and waited.

Only after a flurry of calls did we eventually get through to someone who hopefully can help. Although they did say the name they gave the okay to use on the account, can’t be used. But we are getting there and according to the bank “within two or three weeks” it should be set up ...

However, it has made us all the more determined to raise as much as we can – even if we have to stick the money under the mattress!