Rumours will rebound on you

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace
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Rumours are horrible things. People don’t understand how much hassle and how much drama even the smallest rumour can cause.

You know it’s so funny, you find out so many new things about yourself from other people...

I understand what it’s like from all sides – the one making up the rumour and the one the rumour is made up about and the one whose friend has been affected by a rumour.

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I’m not going to lie, during first and second year I was a little horror. I was the one friend who talked about everyone behind their back. I was the one who spread the gossip and made up the ridiculous rumours about the people I didn’t like. Because if I didn’t like the person, as sick as this sounds, I got a kick out of seeing other people talking about the people I disliked. But that kick is short-lived, because what ends up happening is the rumour gets spun back on yourself and people start talking about you, and you are the one that’s left feeling rubbish. That was when I started to realise that I had to stop being a horror and grow up.

Just for the record, by the way, I’m so not a little horror any more, and I’ve grown up quite a bit since the lovely young age of 12.

Drama involving rumours now just bugs me and makes me want to jump off tables and hit things.

(PS - I am not promoting violence here, violence is wrong)

The one situation that I really hate being in, though, is when the people you care about have a rumour spread about them, because I know what it feels like to be isolated and have folk talk about you.

I don’t like seeing people upset, especially when it’s over something that isn’t even true. I know it used to be me, but I don’t understand how people can target other people and put them through the drama and hassle that a rumour causes. Why even do that? At this age, why? Grow up.

Oh silly people, please excuse me while I go and cry into my pillow about the state of today’s society.