Royal birth countdown kept us all enthralled

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

My warmest congrat-ulations go to Wills and Kate on the birth of their wee boy.

It’s always such a happy event and I think everyone was happy it all went well.

I was in work on Monday when it all kicked off.

The labour had begun, and we were all interested in the outcome.

It’s actually quite rare to have this waiting-for-a-baby anticipation.

It’s only when our immediate family are going through labour that we know it’s happening.

Some of my closest friends just appeared with babies one day, and no-one ever gave me a ‘she’s-in-labour’ alert.

But despite the fact that we’re all strangers to William and Kate, we knew the exact time the Duchess was going through her life-changing and very personal experience.

Throughout Monday, women couldn’t help but be interested.

There was chat about the day they had given birth and how ever-polished Kate would look afterwards.

While I had a feeling 
she wouldn’t look like a typical new mum (limping, swollen and weeping), I 
was surprised how stun-ning she was when she left hospital.

Okay, she had a hairdresser and a new outfit, but, for heaven’s sake, how did she manage to have a waist?

I remember being in the hospital following the birth of my first.

I was expecting visitors and was trying to put on some make-up to make me look a bit better.

My hand was slapped by a nurse who sternly told me to put the make up away.

“Let people see what you’ve been through,” she ordered.

How things change.

If the world thought a little thing like childbirth was going to adversely affect the princess image, they were quickly corrected.

But if there’s one thing that’ll put a fly in the beauty ointment, it’s a baby, and, royal or not, it’ll vomit, scream, and scratch your eyes out if grumpy.

Maybe then we’ll see a hair out of place...